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Meet the Last Key You'll Ever Need.

Professionally designed, engineered and fabricated using modern 3D CAD drafting, cutting edge 3D Printing and CNC Waterjet processes; this Grade 5 Titanium reinforced product should outlast anything on your vehicle. Fix your key once and never look back.

You touch your keys everytime you use your vehicle. Enhance your driving experience with this refined remote shell that uses your existing, already cut key blade and remote internals. No programming required, no locksmith, no dealer cutting.

Compatible Models

Toyota Land Cruiser 1998-2007
LS 400 1998-2000
IS 300 2001-2005
LX 470 1998-2007
LS 430 2001-2006
SC 300 1998-2000
SC 430 2002-2010
SC 400 1998-2000
RX 330 2004-2006
RX 350 2007-2009
ES 300 2000-2003
RX 300 1999-2003
GX 470 2004-2009
GS 300 1998-2005
LS 400 2000
ES 330 2004-2006
GS 400 1998-2000
GS 430 2000-2005
RX 400H 2006

All Function, No Frills
Deep Color With a
Protective Clear Coat
Key Blade Style Examples Above

All styles shown are supported.
How did you hear about YotaMD keys?
How did you hear about YotaMD keys?

Lost Your Screws?
Freshen Up or Change It Up
With a New Set of Plastics
Mix Up Your Colors or
Upgrade to a Custom Back
Colors (All Clear Coated)
Colors (As Printed, No Clear)

Installation Videos