PROJECTS - 1987 Toyota MR2

The Purchase

January 2009

The previous owner of this MR2 was a guy in his 50ís who customer ordered the sparkling grey strips on the side of the car. He made sure to point that out when showing the car. The car hadnít run in years and needed a little love after running into a fence. For $500 this was a cheap way to get a mid engine sports car.

Price: $500


2/5. The paint was dull, chips were present, body filler was required.


3/5. For being over 20 years old the interior was actually pretty clean. No major problems, but definite wear.


The car was bought without knowing anything about the engine or transmission. It turned out just fine.


The chassis was in pretty good shape. No major problems with suspension or brakes.


This MR2 didnít have any power amenities to go bad. The clock worked, so I guess you can say all the electronics worked just fine.


Get It Running


A car that sat for years needed a new battery? Go figure!

Fuel Pump

As with many cars that sit for a long time, the fuel pump can go bad. If fuel isnít stored properly (with a fuel storage additive) it can go bad and youíll have a dead pump. This required dropping the tank which wasnít terribly fun.

Now It Runs! What's Still Wrong?

Parking Brake Cables

MR2 brake cables have always gone bad on me. This car was no exception. The brake cable sheathing splits and exposes the steel cable inside to the elements. The steel corrodes and ďfreezesĒ, aka rusts, to the sheathing and the cable either snaps or stays frozen. New cables fix it.

Shift Boot

This can make a car feel really trashy. A new boot is well worth it, especially to potential buyers when you sell a car.


Wheels and Tires

The wheels on the car were plain steel wheels. Steel wheels look terrible. They make any decent car look cheap and abandoned. Used wheels were purchased to give the car a serious uplifting.

Final Product