Not dedicated to the asshats in high school; These are the tools you'll need to get stuff done.


Sounds simple enough but using the wrong size is an easy mistake and leads to stripped screws and swearing. One size does NOT fit all.

Screwdriver P1/P2/P3 Screwdriver Flat Blade Screwdriver Finger Bit
Helpful for areas with limited access


Open End - Box End - Flare Nut Ratcheting Flex Head

Open - Most common wrench style

Box - Use this when possible to lessen likelihood of stripping bolts

Flare - Used on compression lines where avoiding stripping is critical

Ratcheting wrenches are amazingly convenient Allows access to difficult spots unlike any other simple tool

Socket Wrench

1/4" Drive 3/8" Drive 1/2" Drive Flex Head Breaker Bar
Small socket wrench for small bolts Most common socket wrench. If you have only one, this should be its size. A little more than most small jobs need, but very helpful on larger bolts Helpful in areas that aren't accessible with regular socket wrenches Needed for stuck bolts; provides a lot of leverage and doesn't break easily


Standard 6 point Standard 12 point Deep Socket 6 point Deep Socket 12 point Inverse Hex
Used on some head bolts


Feeler Gauges Timing Light Plastigauge Strap Wrench Vice Grips
Measure small gaps in valve shims and throttle assemblies Set ignition timing Check bearing clearances Hold hard to grab items like oil filters and shock bodies Hold nearly anything. Really hard.