TOYOTA - MK3 Supra - Window Corner Seal

Window Corner Seal

Difficulty(0-10): 1
Time: 15 min
Tool Specialty(0-10): 1
Parts/Tools Needed
Pliers/Channel locks
Towel or Shop Rag


It seems to be a common problem for the MK3 Supras to develop a wind noise from the corner of the windows. Itís annoying and sounds like you didnít quite roll the window all the way up. The fix (at least partially) is free and quick. Thatís the best kind of repair, isnít it?


Closely examine your corner trim as you roll down the window (or measure the window and gap). Youíll see what parts of the corner piece need to be ďclosed upĒ. Grab some pliers and a cloth or rag to protect your corner piece. Carefully use the pliers to squeeze and correct the shape of the rubber of the corner piece. It might take a dozen pinches to get it all lined up. Roll the window up and down (or re-measure) to see if youíve closed the gap.

03Last Resort

If your corner piece is trashed and you canít reshape it youíll just have to buy a new corner piece. As of mid 2014 the pieces are just under $90 through the respectable dealers and likely over $120 through an average parts dealer. My corner pieces were in very poor shape, but this fix still solved 90% of my wind noise problem.